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Wesley Temple's History


The oldest African American Church congregation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the original church structure which was named the African Methodist Church was erected in 1838. The first preacher was the Rev. Frost Pullett. In 1876 the church was renamed John Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church.


During the year of 1887 White's Chapel was erected and the Rev. E.E. Parker was the first preacher. This church was later renamd White's Temple Methodist Episcopal Church. The Original John Wesley M.E. Church structure is known today as the Chipman Cultural Center. The Original White's Temple M.E. Church structure was destroyed by fire in 1964. 


The two churches merged under the leadership of the Rev. Thomas Pendleton and the Rev. John Ringold; and the name of the new church became Wesley Temple United Methodist Church in August 1969. The services were held in the current educational building. The Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall were completed under the leadership of the Rev. Dr. Hayward Greene; and the consecration service was held September 1979.


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