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About Wesley Temple


Visionary Plan


We are a loving, caring, sharing church. Our vision is to link people to God's love by loving God, sharing Jesus and caring for all.


Mission Statement


Making Visible an Invisible God


Wesley Temple United Methodist Church will seek to make the invisible God visible by living faithfully to the teachings of Jesus Christ, which will be manifested by our work and deeds in the five pillars: worship, nurture, outreach, witness, and stewardship.


Our Core Values


1. We believe that bibilical teaching worship and praise are essential for true discipleship and spiritual growth in the life of the church.


2. We believe in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ to  the lost in the community. 


3. We believe the Wesley Temple United Methodist Church is to respond to Christ's call to acts of compassion and justice on behalf of the poor and the powerless to fight evil. 


4. We believe that faithful disciples seek transformation to become fully devoted followers of Christ.


5. We believe that the church is unified when individual members of all ages are committed to good stewardship of their prayer life, presence, gifts and service in ministry to the church and to the community.


6. We believe that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life.


7. We believe that children and youth represent an extraordinary opportunity for evangelism and conversion and are a unique focal point for our ministry.


8. We believe in God's love and accept the responsibility for helping and reaching out to those hurting in our community.


9. We believe in a coordinated, comprehensive planning process to develop an effective ministry program.


10. We believe in utilizing all resources available to us through our United Methodist connectional system that will help us develop our gifts and talents.



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